The correct analysis makes a difference
The prerequisite for an optimum development and production process is a correct analysis. For this reason, we always initiate new projects in close collaboration with our customers by defining, at an early stage, the success criteria for the component part’s function, quality, manufacture, time-to-market and, not least, finance.

Qualified advice
When COVI PRECISION is included at an early stage of the development phase, we can contribute with qualified advice, which may be paramount to the functional quality of the component part and to ensure the most optimum technical integration into the end product. Moreover, we can indicate the most rational development and production process in order to minimise production costs.

A value-optimising total solution
Finally, we may contribute to the ramp-up and actual production of the component parts and also manage the entire supply chain aspect of the assignment, thus releasing our customers’ resources to other core tasks.

Benefit from the entire value chain
See what we have to offer under the individual steps of the process, which together create the greatest value in a collaboration with COVI.



    dialogue, analysis, adaptation and production.

    Efficient project management and development.

    Once the idea is in place, the wish to realise it as soon as possible is often the reason why great flexibility, short delivery time and efficient development are the overriding desires when developing and producing prototypes

    Laser technology, which often only requires programming, is made for meeting these needs. COVI’s structure, with short response times, in-house tooling and competent assistance ensure that they are met with a focused development process and, thus, reduced costs.

    It is also at this stage that the basis for the product and the future of the project take form, which makes it imperative to discuss and balance goals and criteria for success.


  • 2. specification and optimisation

    sparring, analysis, testing and optimisation

    ""The end not only justifies the means, it defines them."

    Successful development requires a clear definition of goals and success criteria. This also applies when suppliers are chosen, where the assignment may be limited to assistance with the development and production of component parts.

    Although a preliminary goal may be faster prototypes, this is typically only the first step in a longer process. If this fact is not included in the initial considerations, the risk of unnecessary long, complex and expensive project processes is increased. Development is expensive and time-consuming and may be considerably minimised by employing timely dialogue and reflection.

    At COVI, we wish to balance these aspects at the earliest possible stage to allow for the optimisation to the right technologies, with which we work and the customer’s preliminary as well as final goal.


  • 3. Quality assurance

    Process maturation, control, validation and documentation.

    "It is in the details."

    Quality assurance is maintained through certified supplier management and product engineering, control and documentation; however, it is first and foremost ensured through customer reconciliation. ”We can only create security in relation to demands, needs and values if they are known and reconciled between us”.

    As a manufacturer of often very small and critical parts, produced with great precision, control and documentation are often just as critical as the manufacturing of the product itself.

    For this reason, COVI has secured the same high standard on our quality assurance equipment and staff, as we have on our processing machinery

    In the preliminary phase and in collaboration with the customer, Covi reconciles the customer’s and the product’s needs for the quality assurance and documentation. This may be in the form of trade requirements and international requirements but should also be reconciled from a financial perspective in relation to the real need.


  • 4. Subcontractor management

    Choice, briefing dialogue, control, purchase and administration.

    "Choice, briefing dialogue, control, purchase and administration."

    As a contracted supplier (typical 1st ed. Tier) of critical components, it is imperative that COVI ensures the same focus on our collaborative partners.

    Since many products entail third-party machining which is critical in relation to COVI’s work, as either a preceding or a subsequent process, COVI can often advantageously offer our customers to take on that part of the supplier management.

    The direct management and dialogue between the machining parties often offers more security in more mutually dependent processes and eases customer logistics and the finances.

  • 5. production and supply chain

    "Success requires collaboration."

    COVI collaborates with a number of recognised and carefully selected national and international subcontractors, based on our experience with collaboration and quality assurance. They may be suppliers of raw material or component parts, manufacturers in the area of surface treatment as well as institutes and knowledge centres.

    In addition, COVI continuously validates new suppliers in relation to new requirements and technologies.

    Smaller batches are typically manufactured to order or, in the alternative, the manufacture is offered under an agreement for inventory holding.

    Thus, Covi is able to offer solutions which include anything from purchase of raw materials and component parts, manufacture, finishing, quality assurance and documentation, customer specific packing, labelling, inventory holding and shipment.

    Contact us for a preliminary discussion and let us clarify what provides you with the most value.