Extreme demands for precision and safety

Extreme requirements for quality
Not many industries are met with stricter requirements for quality, hygiene, traceability and documentation than the medico industry – and for that reason this industry is obviously a driving force for COVI. The medico industry’s strict requirements for quality has been a contributing factor to the development of our competences and has been an influencing factor in the growth of our company since its establishment.

Our customers are found amongst the world’s leading medico companies and a large part of these are Denmark’s leading manufacturers, with whom we have collaborated for several decades

Comprehensive and all-round deliveries
The deliveries comprise everything from processing machinery to component development for use in in-line as well as subcontractor production. COVI assists with everything from the development of prototypes to the manufacturing of 0-series and delivers serial production of components for the production of medico-technical equipment and medical consumables as well as cochlear and other component types for implant surgery.

Required competencies
The competences typically in demand include:

• Laser cutting of metal and plastic sheeting
• Laser welding of plastic components
• Laser welding of dosing and filling needles in various types of metal
• Bending of metal components
• Engraving of logos and serial numbers.

Total solutions
The products are often delivered with specific easy-to-clean surface treatments and packaging. Many customers in this segment are serviced with total solutions including supply chain and logistics services.

COVI as a trusted partner
A number of these customers have specifically approved and classified COVI Precision as their subcontractor.