Food Industry

Focus on quality management, hygiene and traceability

Requirements for high and uniform quality
Like the medico industry, the food industry is also characterised by strict requirements for exacting tolerances and particular focus on traceability and hygiene. To meet the very strict requirements of the food industry for precision and repetitive accuracy, we employ CAD/CAM-controlled laser processing.

By employing laser technology, we avoid introducing foreign hygiene-reducing and unsightly materials to the components such as soldering pewter and, moreover, avoid introducing any other mechanical or thermal influence on the sensitive electronics of the product.

Typical services and processes
COVI has many years of experience in servicing the food industry and has supplied components for, amongst others:

• Advanced analytical equipment
• Dosing and filling machines with hygiene-optimised surfaces
• Various embedded component parts in various materials and
   geometric designs and assembled these into complete units for direct
   installation at the customer’s premises.
• Stamping various components for the purposes of traceability

This is how we collaborate with the food industry
For the food industry, COVI PRECISION manufactures both prototypes, serial productions and entire total solutions. Collaboration is often based in a close involvement in the development phase, where the contribution consists of input and optimisation of the design.

This mode of operation ensures a thorough reconciliation of requirements and expectations to the systematic quality management and documentation as well as hygiene optimisation and traceability.

The benefit to the customer is an efficient and financially sound production process which results in an optimum, uniform quality product that fulfils the strict requirements for hygiene and traceability.