An industry where accuracy and time-to-market are decisive

Flexibility and quick time to market
The electronics industry is characterised by the requirement for the production of many prototypes for testing in connection with the development of new products.

In that type of process, where components need to be adjusted and remedied on an ongoing basis and where quick delivery and time-to-market are decisive parameters, COVI PRECISION is an optimum collaborative partner.

Our organisation is characterised by quick and flexible operations and, in a close and proactive collaboration with our customers, we contribute with input and optimisations to the design which provides the foundation of an efficient and financially sound production.


High-end manufacturers with extreme demands
Our experience with the electronics industry ranges from laser engraving and surface processing of design products to the production of components for high-end hearing aids, microphones, mobile telephones and headset. Here, the functions are either optical or audiological in character, which places extreme demands on precision and documented uniform production.

From individual components to total solutions
Typical components are thin-gauge sheet components, leaf springs, contact springs and electromagnetic shielding in a multitude of materials and geometric designs. COVI manufactures prototypes, smaller customised series, small component parts and also provides complete total solutions with systematic quality control and documentation, providing customers with uniform and cost-effective quality products.