Total Solutions


Creating the most optimum mix of customised competences, technologies and services to ensure that our customers achieve a cost-effective total solution.

Does it sound familiar?
When a complex development and production process is carried out through several suppliers – and the consequent less flexible and more time-consuming processes – the end product often ends up being more expensive than necessary. Add to the mix, the challenges of disparate quality standards and management as well as the risk of miscommunication, which may reduce or even damage the product quality and significantly extend the time-to-market. As a consequence of these issues, COVI offers total solutions.

COVI optimises the entire value chain
COVI’s business philosophy is based on providing as much of the value chain as possible. Our experience is that customers thus acquire the best possible value – both technically, qualitatively and financially. Add to this that our customers also achieve shorter time-to-market and a more simple and safe outsourcing process when the responsibility for the entire assignment is placed in one set of hands..

Customised total solutions that make sense
COVI’s total solutions have proven a success as most of our customers draw on more of our competences – and do so for longer. In collaboration with the customer, we create an individualised mix of services which result in safe and efficient processes which, in turn, optimise quality, timing and finances.

Contact us to learn more about profitable total solutions
If you would like to learn more on the advantages of a customised product – then please contact us and let us enter into a dialogue on our total solutions. Based on a thorough briefing, we will proactively form a view on your entire assignment from the development of a prototype to serial production with supply chain and logistics and will present to you a total solution which creates optimum value for you.

You may form a view on the value-generating process here.