Laser Welding Plastic


It is our aim to create the most optimum mix of customised competences, technologies and services to ensure that our customers achieve a cost-effective total solution.

As an alternative to ultrasonic welding, hot-iron welding and gluing of plastics, COVI PRECISION offers the technically superior and more competitive laser welding. Laser welding gives you a wide range of new possibilities and benefits.

Most thermo-plastics may be welded
Most thermo-plastics/TPUs are basically well-suited for laser welding. By admixing the right additives, transparent, coloured and different joined types of plastics may be made weldable, which means that the advantages of the speed, precision and safety of laser technology may be enjoyed.

Gentle welding
Laser welding is typically carried out without the addition of foreign material and without mechanical impact to products and equipment. Moreover, the thermal impact of welding is minimal and thus very gentle to the polymer structure, look and strength of the product. Thus, welding may be carried out near thermally sensitive components without the product acquiring vibration interference and marks, as would be the case if ultrasound were used.

Welding in complex geometric designs
At COVI, we weld using Galvo technology (controlling the beam through specular reflection) which means that welding complex geometric designs may be done with great precision and at high speed and employing the most common welding methods, such as:

•  Contour welding – single welding
•  Simultaneous welding – the entire weld is welded simultaneously
•  Quasi-simultaneous welding – the weld is kept liquid by
    continuous run-through
•  Masked welding – shielding where no welding is desired
•  Radial welding – welding of circular products

Good qualities
Laser welding of plastics is particularly well-suited to the hygienic embedding of electronic components of complex geometric design.