It is our aim to create the most optimum mix of customised competences, technologies and services to ensure that our customers achieve the most cost-effective total solution.

Sheeting and foils
COVI can laser cut most metals, primarily stainless steel, titanium, cupper and German silver; however, other ”exotic” types of metal sheeting can be processed. COVI primarily employs Fibre and Fibre/pulse YAG laser with a beam diameter of as little as 30 mµ, which is specifically developed for the cutting of thin-gauge sheeting and metal foils.

In the case of very complex products and those with strict tolerance requirements, materials with a greater material thickness may be advantageously processed; however, our technology is otherwise most relevant when processing sheeting thicknesses of up to 1.0mm.

Precision and accuracy
Polymer foils are processed using CO2 laser cutting which offers great precision and accuracy on repetition and, at the same time, prevents the material from fraying and counteracts burring around cuts.

The technology is thus a good alternative to stamping and water cutting of polymer washers, membranes and filters which require great standards of cleanliness and precision.

Precision tubes
COVI has great experience in the rotational cutting of precision- and needle tubes and works closely with renowned medico companies on the development and production of filling needles, probes, needle tubes, stents and flexible tubes. Add to this our competences in the bending of small-gauge tubes and laser-welding of thin-gauge sheet products – processes which are often part of the above.

The advantages of COVI’s laser technology
The technical advantages of COVI’s laser-cutting technology are great precision, great repetitive accuracy, negligible burring and very negligible thermal impact (HAZ). Additionally, great flexibility in the production and low start-up costs are achieved. In case of a larger automated production, unmanned 24/7 production is offered.

Thus, COVI can offer precision laser cutting as a qualitative and competitive alternative to ordinary laser cutting, stamping and acid embossing.