At COVI PRECISION, we create an optimum mix of customised services and technologies allowing our customers to enjoy the most cost-effective total solutions.

Laser technology and precision processing
COVI is recognised as one of the pioneers in laser welding, laser cutting, laser engraving and precision processing of metal. Add to this, key competences in laser welding of plastic. Typically, we work with smaller component parts within very tight tolerances where quality is defined by the degree of precision, durability and finish in processing.

Qualified advice
In the course of the last 50 years, COVI has generated considerable knowledge of metal processing through laser technology, amongst others. We are thus able to provide our customers with proactive and qualified advice which results in the identification of the best possible strategy for the continued design development and efficient industrial production.

Flexible and efficient processes
Owing to our supporting machine shop, we can manufacture in-house most of the fixtures and tools required for the various development processes, which means we can offer great flexibility and optimise the speed at which both development and production may be undertaken – and, thus, also the time-to-market.

Customised total solutions
With our skilled staff and the most recent laser technology, we offer total solutions including everything from design development and the initial 0-series to automated serial production and ramp-up production. Additionally, we offer a number of supply chain services, such as the handling of subcontractors, assembly, packing and shipping, which completes the value chain.

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